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Spiritual Sol's mission is to help people get back to their original state of being when they were just the Soul. 


When we incarnate as humans, we create and carry blockages in our energy field. 

We're here to help you clear them so that you can live closer to your truest self.

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"We believe that all souls are

healed at the core... but man there's a lot of

crap around us."


- Spiritual Sol

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Basic Clearing - Sol and Emily
Intuitive Guidance

Ultimate Clearings

A deep multi-part clearing series that allows you to go deeper than trapped emotions, generational/ancestral curses and vows, and soul contracts/agreements.


While our basic clearings construct the frame of your soul puzzle, the Ultimate Clearing are the pieces in-between that complete the entire picture. We take a hose and thoroughly power wash all the gunk out of your energy field.

Basic Clearings

Basic Clearings serve as the beginning foundation of clearing your energetic auric field. We tap into your energy field and identify and release trapped emotions that have been stuck in your 5 States of Being.


We also take it a step further by using past life regression to identify imprints and elements that are and have been holding you back.

Intuitive Guidance

Sol provides intuitive guidance using oracle cards and her "Clair" (psychic) gifts.

Sol provides a general overview on what to expect and pay attention to based off your current energy. Click below to see what types of readings Sol offers.

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